Self-Refelction Statement

I’ve always had an appreciation and interest in making art of any form, but for me personally, I feel as though I have found my niche in more craft oriented work. Although most of my life I only ever played around with more two-dimensional fine arts, (and I still do so) I’ve grown to like using more hands-on materials with metal, glass, and other mixed media. I find a lot of inspiration in the craftsmanship that goes into something, and believe the process is almost just as important as the end product itself. So, for me, getting to understand how things are made is always very interesting, and inspires me to want to learn every little thing that I can, so that I can do it in my own way. Because of that, I’m very passionate about what I make, and find it really enjoyable to actively be a part of the physical creation of something.

I find inspiration from past artists that dealt with the abstract and surreal art. Artists like Picasso or Dali where there is definitely something to be said about the piece, but sometimes it’s hard to explain without any background. I like that idea because I often find myself unable to articulate my thoughts completely, but I can show it in my work somehow. No matter what material I happen to be using. I strive to be able to create different things, out of different materials, and to continually push the boundaries with what is comfortable for myself.

I believe art of any form is about expression and as you grow as a person, so does the style of the work you create. As I grow, I hope to continue expanding my knowledge and skills. It’s artists like Christopher Ser, that give me a lot of inspiration because originality is always front and center to any design. This personal style of his that shows in every piece, is consistently improving and reflected in any medium. This sheer ingenuity inspires me to create things of my own that will eventually stand out for themselves. With that in mind, I hope to develop a style of my own that will stand out for itself, no matter what medium is used. I want my work to create its own dialogue to the viewer, and to be able to show a piece of me, that doesn’t feel like a replication of anything but my own influence towards and from the world around me.