Digital Media Postcard

For my postcard assignment in digital media I created a darker themed card with a conjoined twin skeleton and on the other side, an X-ray of an abnormal skull urging the reader to “add something abnormal” inside of his head.  Once I get my postcard returned I will repost the results.


Self Portrait

My self portrait consisted of a collage of different things that I have that I enjoy in life. With me at the the middle of it almost dissipating among it all.

Self Portrait Proposal

For my self portrait assignment. I want to create a background of different feelings, interests, activities, or mental states or just atmospheres, collaged into a split scene that kindle blends together while staying separate.  With me at the heart of it just kinda existing overtop all of these scenes.  I haven’t really finalized any ideas exactly, so I’ll be playing around a lot as I go.

To me, self portraiture is a way of showing who you are both inside and out in a way that isn’t taken right off the bat from face value.  By showing things I have passion, emotion, or other different feelings for, I hope I can show myself in a way that actually shows who I am in some small context.

Folded Book

For my Folded Book assignment for Digital Media, I found pictures of different environments and space scenes then used photoshop to combine them and add different elements of saturation and hue to different parts to give them a spacey, and surreal kind of look.   I had a lot of fun playing around with the the different tools in Photoshop and getting to creatively play around with whatever I could come up with

Surreal Landscape

This is my original picture for my surreal landscape.  For Digital Media we used pictures we had taken ourselves in order to create a background in which we would then crop and edit other pictures to add in layer by layer.  For mine I used this picture outside of my apartment and added in various other things such as flowers, silhouettes, Geno the pug and a beer bottle.  I found it difficult at first considering I have never touched photoshop at all, but I feel that with the few images I had to work with, I successfully made my collage work with itself despite some things I could have played with and adjusted to make it look better.  Although I didn’t do the best job conveying the sense of surrealism in my piece, a few different ways were discussed in class during the critique in order for me to make it look a little more outrageous and less perspectivly “believable” than it was.

Digital Artist

“hello, my name is hayden zezula. i’m an artist & animator from austin, tx 
i’m currently living in nyc
i specialize in animation, creative direction & branding”  (
I picked ‘Zolloc’ or Hayden Zezula for my artist who creates digital art through animations which would otherwise be impossible to create.  I like the aesthetic of his colors and textures in his animations that really come alive as they move.  
“Using a distinctive (and GIF-friendly) color palette, Zolloc creates bizarre, beautiful, and often absurd animations with subjects ranging from mutant babies to crazy pulsating hand monsters.”- (Alex, Electric Objects Website)