FYE Resume

Christopher Ray Jackson

South Lincoln Street- Kent, OH 44240 (Until May 2017)
444 Beaver Street- Beaver, PA 15009 (Permanent)


2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Kent State University, Kent, OH
2016 High School Diploma, Beaver Area High School, Beaver, PA



University Award



Cashier/ Floor Associate- Michaels Arts & Crafts Store (2012-2014)

Food prep/ Linecook- Parkhusrt- Yorktown Cafe at Robert Morris University (2014-2016)



Hosted the Beaver Area Highschool Art Show as Senior Project (2014)

26 flame working classes (3 hours each)- Pittsburgh Glass Center (2016)


Incomplete manifesto for growth

The w0rd manifesto itself is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.  In Ben Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth there are a few points that stand out to me which I can most personally resonate with.

The first one that stands out to me is  number 8.

Drift. Allow yourself to wander aimlessly. Explore adjacencies. Lack judgment. Postpone criticism.

I feel like this one can resonate with me especially because this is something I try to embrace rather than steer away from whenever I find the oppurtunity possible.  Drifting around and being able to explore new things, people, places, or ideas, are all awesome ways to enhance your perception to the world around you and discover more on where you stand and feel personally within yourself.  Whether it be a memorably good experience or it be a circumstance to be learned from, it’s all relative to finding yourself and seeing what can embrace and take on from anything you have gotten to experience that is unfamiliar to you.
Second would be… Number 28.

Make new words. Expand the lexicon.The new conditions demand a new way of thinking.The thinking demands new forms of expression.The expression generates new conditions.

I love this because myself and all of the people I know and can call my friends, have such a weird and interesting vocabulary.  My group of friends has developed its own sort of lingo for within itself that is everexpanding as we each meet new people with new other words or phrases that catch on.  Whether it be relatively understandable, or even a straight up animal sound, it seems like we’ve developed a real language to explain or portray emotions and topics to one another without having to say everything so word for word.  Which whenever I’m not writing from an somewhat formal perspective, it’s fun to spice up the conversation with my own dialect.
36.  Scat.  This one also applies to the above statement ^
And finally  number 42.

Remember. Growth is only possible as a product of history. Without memory, innovation is merely novelty. History gives growth a direction. But a memory is never perfect. Every memory is a degraded or composite image of a previous moment or event.That’s what makes us aware of its quality as a past and not a present. It means that every memory is new, a partial construct different from its source, and, as such, a potential for growth itself.

Part of this reflects on the idea from Drift.  I feel this last one resonates with me because it speaks for itself.  To remember what has happened in your life and each memory and emotion and how it all reflects within itself.  It’s important to remember who you are and where you have came from as well as learn and take from each experience to continue to grow as a person and not just stay completely the same throughout your entire life, while also not straying away from who you are at heart.

Sculpture Walk

During our “Sculpture Walk” last Monday we got the chance to get out of the classroom for a little while and explore campus to see all of the eleven different sculptures.  There were a number of different sculptures that were super cool to check out, but I think my favorite out of all of them would have to be “Behind the Brain Plaza”, which is located outside of Merrill Hall right by the CVA building.  This sandstone and granite sculpture was finished on September 15th, 1999 by Brinsley Tyrrell.  This piece features four major sculptural elements including the brain, the seed, the fountain, and book garden which provides seating for people inside of the plaza.  Three of these four pieces were carved on site using huge blocks of sandstone.  Which makes it just incredible to take in once you walk through let alone just the style and symbolism behind it all.  Brinsley Tyrrell actually immigrated to Ohio with his family in 1968 from Surrey, England.  He found a one year position at Kent State before he was asked to stay, which he did until 1996.  After acquiring an old farmhouse with his Lillian in 1971, he renovated it into their own personal studio and really started working on large scale public art projects.  With the help of the Ohio Arts Council, his proposal for the garden was chosen and finished within two years.   Tyrrell originally had named each sculpture, but agreed to name the whole space as “Behind the Brain Plaza” at the university’s request.  Brinsley’s work has appeared in numerous locations and has received a lot of rewards and recognition for public spaces to selected exhibitions from the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio Arts Council Fellowship, and the Govenor’s Award for the Arts in Ohio.  He also has another sculpture on campus called “Legend of the Iron Hoop” which was made with powdered iron which creates a different kind of atmosphere than the sculpted stone of this one does.  The sculpted stone creates its own mood though surrounded by the other pieces of the space.  The idea that this sculpture is less organic shaped but has more of a symbolic meaning and surrealistic style, pulls me in and makes me feel relaxed and astonished whenever I find myself walking through or past it.  My favorite part of this sculpture would be the brain itself just because I personally think it looks awesome and that the symbolism of the growth of knowledge and so forth it portrays makes it even more of a treat.  But the garden itself, with its bookshelf benches, and fountain provides a tranquil and unique environment to sit and relax in.  Especially whenever it is warm and comfortble outside.  A lot of the sculptures all around campus stick out and call out to your attention, but to me this “Behind the Brain Plaza” has an interesting meaning and placement for something out of the ordinary to make you appreciate the scene inside of the garden itself and in contrast to all the space outside of it.

Hey bud, how’s college goin?

The beginning half of my first semester has come to a nearing end and it has been hard honestly.  So far college has just been long nights and days of cramming, stressing out, being unnecessarily tired and draining in order to keep up with everything going on as well as taking care of my home, my pet, and myself.  While I’m not stressing myself to the brink about it, I will admit that college is tough.  They always said that it was nothing like high school and it isn’t.  There is so much work due in general let alone all at the same time lol.. It becomes a little much to swallow all at once sometimes.  But at the same time if you can allow yourself to have breaks and plan accordingly with how you will get through your work it will become a lot easier to manage after some getting used too.   I had been out of school for about two years before going applying and coming to Kent.  So for me, this has all been a very large adjustment period from moving out of state,to living alone, to understanding certain things I’ve learned in the past, and even learning how to learn things in an academic setting again.  Not to mention planning most importantly.  It seems greek to me so to speak and it took probably the first few weeks and some to get used to it, which I’m still not entirely there yet.  There are some days when all of the work feels like unbearingly too much at one time and it makes me feel numb almost like a robot knowing I have to slave away at some things, even though I know it’s for my education.  I feel like once you get that routine down though and start to know your schedule it becomes a little easier to plan and anticipate what needs to be done and when in order for you to still have enough time to go chill hard with friends or watch tv or sleep or eat even just stare at the wall and enjoy doing nothing at all for a moment.  I can agree with almost everyone that college is stressful.  But with the right mindset and work ethic, its more than possible to stay on top of work (even if you cram once in a while) and have time to enjoy people and/or any other things that you enjoy (whatever that may be).

What’s a Kent Core?

A Kent Core class is a required class that everyone hates going through but has to in order to graduate.  Classes like Math and English and various sciences that art students such as myself typically despise.  Though these tend to be a drag in comparison to the classes your major is already throwing at you.  I do believe they are necessary for the full learning experience to an extent.  I think it is good that students with completely different interests and goals all have to learn some of the same basic education because otherwise they would never know it.  English and science and math all build up the education as a whole rather than just in a specific field that we are majoring in which definitely gives an advantage to present ourselves better out of school by having more than one area to talk about and use skills from.  I personally feel like some levels of math are cool to know and understand how certain relationships with numbers work and solve things.  However, I do find some of the required math for an art major in particular to be unnecessary towards anything that seems practical.  But you do what you gotta do.

What does Success Mean to You?

Success can mean a lot of things to different people so it is hard to generalize it.  Professional success to me is whenever you are doing something in order to make a living for yourself, as well as enjoying it.  Sure, you could have a job which pays all the bills and gets you by week to week, but if you hate that job, and everyday you are just hoping for that day to end so that you can repeat it all again tomorrow until the weekend comes along.. Is that being successful?  If you were or are in that position yourself, do you feel as though you have succeeded at anything beyond gaining that paycheck?  I personally would not.  

Last year and the year before that after high school, I spent time working while all of my other friends had moved away to continue their education either doing things they enjoyed, or doing things that will ge them a higher paying job down the road.  While doing both of those things is ideally what you want, it’s not always so easy as “everyone wants to be a dentist (for example) and make tons of money”.  I worked at Robert Morris University as a dining hall line cook for two years before I had to change my direction towards something more fulfilling.  I wasn’t happy there, and it took me a while to figure out how unhappy I was with it all.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t getting paid enough.  I was making more than eno.        ugh money to support myself and have spending cash on the side as much as I needed and it felt really good at first.  I even was allowed to use my phone, have smoke breaks, free meals, and just enjoyingly interact with people while working.  After a year and some of the same monotonous days again and again,  I realized that I didn’t feel as if all of my work was really building up to anything.  As if I was doing a sort of pointless job just to get by and not because I enjoyed the work itself which would eventually create a sort of day by day dread of just being there.  It was during this time of work that I invested a day of the week to take classes learning lampworking in Pittsburgh.  I fell in love, learning new things and feeling as though my time each week was building into a greater accomplishment even if it was slow and sparingly.  This feeling is what contributed to the encouragement to finally enroll for college to gain a further education in creating art. 

Now the idea behind all of that is to show an example of how success isn’t always just providing a living for yourself.  Sometime success is providing an experience worth living for yourself. And while I’m not saying that I am “successful” now that I’m going to college, because that doesn’t mean anything.  But I feel that I’m on the right track at least towards becoming successful now that I’m taking the oppurtunity to learn things that I’m excited about actually.  

Personal success ties into that same belief in my opinion of just enjoying yourself.  While I don’t mean that so long as you’re doing whatever it takes to enjoy yourself that you’ll be successful… But that personal success, comes from a sense of fulfillment.  By doing things too make you feel good about yourself not just momentarily, but presently and later in life.  I believe that personal  success comes from doing whatever it is that betters you as a person.  Which can seriously be anything you make of it since everyone interprets their personal achievements differently.  I think to be successful as an artist though, you have to have fun with it.  By trying new things and exploring new things and trying them all again if they don’t work out.  Mainly to stay interested and curious so that everyday is a new adventure rather than just another lap around the week.

Student Success Series

For my Success Series I had to register for one arts event separate from my major, one ALICE training classes and two student success classes including one academic and one I found personal to me.  

 My ALICE training is scheduled for October 28th at 9am.  Both of my academic and personal Student Success classes are scheduled for Novemeber 17th.  My academic one is ‘Basic Citations’ and is scheduled at 9 am.  I chose this class because I never really understood how to properly cite my sources nor have I had any practice for quite a while so it might be nice to brush up on those skills.  My personal class at 5pm that same day is ‘Tobacco’ and is about risks of smoking and different ways to help you quit if you are smoking.   While I do not smoke anymore personally, I used to smoke cigarettes daily years ago before quitting and also have a lot of friends that all smoke still.  So I chose this because I am interested in hearing what they have to say as well that there weren’t very many other classes that I found interest in that would be possible with my class schedule.  Lastly for my arts performance I chose to see the free Jazz Combos event at the Ludqwig Recital Hall at 8pm on November 22.  I chose this because I recently attended the Akron Jazz festival and enjoyed the sheer emotion to the music so I think this will be a fun event for me to see out of the ones listed.