3D Game Board

For my 3D comp game board I created a checkerboard like game that blends chess and checkers together in a sense.   The idea of this four player game is to jump onto and capture your other opponent as you would in chess.  The four main pieces and game board are stylized to symbolize one of the four elements.  All of these pieces including the “Kings” cannot move diagonally but otherwise however they want.  The trick of this game though is that if you can somehow get your main piece to the big black middle square before getting captured, (The idea of this creates a need for offense and defense) you can automatically win the game by taking over that space.  So while everyone is trying to capture other spots on the board they are also trying to race too and defend the middle space from other players. 

One of the biggest challenges of this project would definitely be the wood carving which was limited for everyone depending on the wood shop and their ideas.  Besides that, I’d say coming up with a new twist or version of what you think a game is or could be proved to be just as challenging.  

 The board is made of cardboard, while the pawn pieces are made from smoothed stones, and the King pieces are made from carved wood,  Everything is painted with acrylic paints. 


Wearable Costume Critique

During our we able costume critique we got the chance to see each other’s ideas and how you can transform something so seemingly simple as cardboard and turn it into something symbiotic with the body and can be integer acted with or interpreted as a performance of sorts as well as visual art.  I liked a few other people’s costumes a lot too for their originality and craftsmanship in general.  I think the pictures below a show a sense of how many different directions this project can be taken.  Especially with Logan’s hanging project, it interacts with himself and the viewer while creating almost a tension of force between him and his sharp pieces suspended above him.  They all each create their own feeling for the viewer through different relationships to the body as much as the “costume” itself

Foam Core Architecture


For my foam-core architecture piece, I chose the window at the top of the staircase one the CVA building because I feel like it already had a sort of structure I could work with and incorporate into more so.  That is how I originally decided on my idea and began planning to install.  I knew that I wanted to make a sort of shelf like space that works with the directions of the window panes already.  I feel like this works nice for mine particularly because light shines through and creates different sort of colors and styles depending on how it is looked at whether that be day or night.  While it’s obviously not going to fool anyone of being a part of the window, it still has a subtlety to the way it works with itself.

3D Gamepieces

In 3D comp we recently started playing on this new app which allows you to digitally build things using different three dimensional shapes and editing options, in order to make just about whatever you want if you have the time.  This will then send to the library to be 3D printed as a game piece.  This would be used on a board with a flattened surface and small track cut out so that you can move this sharp piece around the board however you like although it wouldn’t typically stand up on its own.  

For my wooden game pieces we are designing we get to use the scroll saws to cut out shapes of choosing.  For my pieces I think I want to create four or five that represent the elements in their shape.  (Wind, water, fire, air). These would be used in a game to move 2 spaces in any direction with other small pieces that are pawns in a sense that would move on space at a time and would be played with multiple teams against each other in a Chinese checkers sort of fashion, until the main (woodcut) piece is taken out and that team is destroyed.  The twist however would be that once the main piece is captured, all existing pieces of that team on the board can be used by the team who captured them. So it’s kind’ve like a game of war.
(I’ll have to add pictures of my designs and cut outs once completed.)

Symbiotic Costume

This is my symbiotic costume that had to be made using found cardboard.  I originally designed a leech, like kind of appendage coming out of my head, arm and stomach so that I could show the relationship the the costume in relativity to its host.  I liked the idea of the stomach appendage eating your arm because it makes it feel like the “parasite” is wearing you almost in a sense by this thing rip out of my shirt to show it is a part of me and not just something I’m wearing overtop.  I also tried to show this in the mask part by having it consume my face with me barely visible still inside of it, but there were some difficulties in that.   Some hurdles I faced during this project were cutting the pieces and attaching them together to make the wormy parts feel more organic in the way that they grow, shrink or bend.  I especially had trouble doing that on the mask part, but learned from that in order to make the “hand eater” a little more alive.  I also ended up ditching the idea of a second arm tentacle for the purpose of having a free hand and not overdoing the look.  Which I think that it made a better look in doing so though, and also gave me the time to add some spit (hot glue strands) and all of the strips in order to show a rugged, almost hairy like texture to these creatures eating meIn my class there were a lot of other designs during the critique that demonstrated the symbiotic relationship between its wearer and the overall design.    Some of these other designs pictured were my favorite out of the ones I saw based on relationship, and creative uniqueness.

1:1 Sculpture

For this project we had to make a life size sculpture of anything that we wanted using only cardboard.  While it seemed relatively easy at first, I realized soon after that using my longboard as my sculpture design proved difficult when it came to find pieces long enough to cut for the board itself in order to make it structurally strong.  As well, I had some difficulty in making the wheels look very realistic but for what it is, I don’t think I did too bad.  Besides cutting open my finger during the construction, I think it was an enriching experience getting to work with a material that I am not very used to, because it forced me to think outside of the box and my comfort zone in order to make the cardboard achieve the look I wanted.