Art I Like

When it comes to art that I like, the list is very long it seems like considering how many different types of art there are.  Between glass, jewelry, painting, collage, drawing, and so forth beyond that it’s hard to distinguish.   In a general sense, I like different styles for different mediums so it’s kinda varying.  I like surrealism in general.  Whether that be with drawing, painting, or whatever.  I like the detail as well as abstractness of it.  When it comes to other paintings, I typically appreciate bright eye catching colors that pop off of the page. Otherwise, another thing I look for in art is a message or emotion or feeling or just something that really characterizes that artist individually within any piece.  Which might sound like a general thing for everyone, but it’s not always evident in everything.  Whether it be used by color tones, or wording, or just apparent subjects. I also enjoy different types of psychedelic art, as well as abstract of collage works.  I think that’s basically it for 2D works for the most part but that’s always evolving.  I have a lot of other things I like specifically within other art forms but I do not know if it’s necessary to dwell into all of that right now.   When it comes to art that I do not very much enjoy, it’s a little harder to think of but I guess right off the bat, I know that I’m not a huge fan of classical paintings.  I mean I like the history and the messages behind some of them, or if they’re super graphic or vivid but for the most  part, I feel like they’re kind’ve dry and boring on subject matter typically.  I like to see artists express themselves in weird pictures and ways that makes me think or wonder what goes on in they’re mind.


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