3D Game Board

For my 3D comp game board I created a checkerboard like game that blends chess and checkers together in a sense.   The idea of this four player game is to jump onto and capture your other opponent as you would in chess.  The four main pieces and game board are stylized to symbolize one of the four elements.  All of these pieces including the “Kings” cannot move diagonally but otherwise however they want.  The trick of this game though is that if you can somehow get your main piece to the big black middle square before getting captured, (The idea of this creates a need for offense and defense) you can automatically win the game by taking over that space.  So while everyone is trying to capture other spots on the board they are also trying to race too and defend the middle space from other players. 

One of the biggest challenges of this project would definitely be the wood carving which was limited for everyone depending on the wood shop and their ideas.  Besides that, I’d say coming up with a new twist or version of what you think a game is or could be proved to be just as challenging.  

 The board is made of cardboard, while the pawn pieces are made from smoothed stones, and the King pieces are made from carved wood,  Everything is painted with acrylic paints. 


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