Artists I Like

Jeff Soto- Jeff Soto has amazing surrealism work and just abstract painting.  I personally love the characters he creates in his painting as well as the smoothness of it all followed by brightly contrasting tones typically.

Greg (Craola) Simkins- Craoloa makes hyper realistic scenes of anamorphic creatures and things using oil painting I which creates a very smooth and realistic take on some thing very unrealistic which makes it very interesting.

Dan Eldon-  Dan Eldon was a young photojournalist who documented his travels and experiences in a mess of collage.  Showing his life through his pictures, writing, found objects, and colors.

Alex Grey-  Alex Grey is an influential visionary artist who’s work has been shown in many different places.  His anatomically correct paintings of the human body as well as psychedelic approach and meaning behind his art has been very influential to a lot of different artists including myself

Yoshinori Kondo-  Is a Japanese based glass artist who’s work is extremely talented at dotstacking and marble making as well as other glass art


Dalan Hargrave- Gem cutter who creates very detailed engravings scenes that change the idea behind lapidary art. 
Christopher Ser(SerJewelry)- Is a NewYork based jewelry maker as well as engraver who’s attention to detail and just overall talent at his craft really stands out in any piece he’s made yet.

Ben Claus(RiseDesigns)- Is a NorthCarolina based wire wrapper who’s attention to symmetry and tightness make him stand out at the top with his high end pendants made of solid gold especially.


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