3D Gamepieces

In 3D comp we recently started playing on this new app which allows you to digitally build things using different three dimensional shapes and editing options, in order to make just about whatever you want if you have the time.  This will then send to the library to be 3D printed as a game piece.  This would be used on a board with a flattened surface and small track cut out so that you can move this sharp piece around the board however you like although it wouldn’t typically stand up on its own.  

For my wooden game pieces we are designing we get to use the scroll saws to cut out shapes of choosing.  For my pieces I think I want to create four or five that represent the elements in their shape.  (Wind, water, fire, air). These would be used in a game to move 2 spaces in any direction with other small pieces that are pawns in a sense that would move on space at a time and would be played with multiple teams against each other in a Chinese checkers sort of fashion, until the main (woodcut) piece is taken out and that team is destroyed.  The twist however would be that once the main piece is captured, all existing pieces of that team on the board can be used by the team who captured them. So it’s kind’ve like a game of war.
(I’ll have to add pictures of my designs and cut outs once completed.)


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