Alber’s Interaction of Color

In the excerpt from Alber’s Interaction of Color, he explains the ideas of how we visually see color and of how it illudes us.  That everyone has their own visual perception of what a color might be to them, but it differs from person to person.  He goes on to explain the comparisons of the perception of different senses such as instruments in music or the feel of cool and hot in relativity to just experiencing the other prior.  It creates a “discrepancy between physical fact and psychic effect” known as the haptic sense of illusion.  He goes on to show how this can relate to the optical illusion found in color through just small changes.  By adding different colors behind the same colored focal point, it creates a completely different perception of it and tricks you into thinking that the color is not the same in comparison.  Through the examples shown demonstrating this, you can really feel the change of tone in the composition just by changing the color pattern.  


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