What’s a Kent Core?

A Kent Core class is a required class that everyone hates going through but has to in order to graduate.  Classes like Math and English and various sciences that art students such as myself typically despise.  Though these tend to be a drag in comparison to the classes your major is already throwing at you.  I do believe they are necessary for the full learning experience to an extent.  I think it is good that students with completely different interests and goals all have to learn some of the same basic education because otherwise they would never know it.  English and science and math all build up the education as a whole rather than just in a specific field that we are majoring in which definitely gives an advantage to present ourselves better out of school by having more than one area to talk about and use skills from.  I personally feel like some levels of math are cool to know and understand how certain relationships with numbers work and solve things.  However, I do find some of the required math for an art major in particular to be unnecessary towards anything that seems practical.  But you do what you gotta do.


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