In 2D Comp we have been trying to demonstrate the illusions of motion and space through different patterns we’ve made by hammering nails into the wall and using string to illustrate as a group.  Each day a new group of students from the other 2D classes get the oppurtunity to collaboratively decide what on the wall demonstrates these different illusions and what doesn’t.  Whatever does not is taken down and something new is added in its place or onto it.  We aren’t quite there at showing all of the different principles but we’re definitely getting closer.  One thing that was discussed on was that if we added different perspective points from the vanishing point on the top then each piece will all fall back to that and have more of a belonging together so to speak.  I believe that by doing that as well as filling up some of the empty space with more shapes and dimension we can make a pattern that has the illusion of motion as well as space.


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