Hey bud, how’s college goin?

The beginning half of my first semester has come to a nearing end and it has been hard honestly.  So far college has just been long nights and days of cramming, stressing out, being unnecessarily tired and draining in order to keep up with everything going on as well as taking care of my home, my pet, and myself.  While I’m not stressing myself to the brink about it, I will admit that college is tough.  They always said that it was nothing like high school and it isn’t.  There is so much work due in general let alone all at the same time lol.. It becomes a little much to swallow all at once sometimes.  But at the same time if you can allow yourself to have breaks and plan accordingly with how you will get through your work it will become a lot easier to manage after some getting used too.   I had been out of school for about two years before going applying and coming to Kent.  So for me, this has all been a very large adjustment period from moving out of state,to living alone, to understanding certain things I’ve learned in the past, and even learning how to learn things in an academic setting again.  Not to mention planning most importantly.  It seems greek to me so to speak and it took probably the first few weeks and some to get used to it, which I’m still not entirely there yet.  There are some days when all of the work feels like unbearingly too much at one time and it makes me feel numb almost like a robot knowing I have to slave away at some things, even though I know it’s for my education.  I feel like once you get that routine down though and start to know your schedule it becomes a little easier to plan and anticipate what needs to be done and when in order for you to still have enough time to go chill hard with friends or watch tv or sleep or eat even just stare at the wall and enjoy doing nothing at all for a moment.  I can agree with almost everyone that college is stressful.  But with the right mindset and work ethic, its more than possible to stay on top of work (even if you cram once in a while) and have time to enjoy people and/or any other things that you enjoy (whatever that may be).


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