Artist Lookup

While looking up artists, the one who stood out the most to me would be Beatriz Milhazes.  I love the bright pop her style brings especially in the work ‘Maracorola‘ (shown below). 

In this piece there are a multiple gestalt principles being displayed including 

Repetition shown in the wave and line patterns all around.  

Closure shown in the overlapping shapes and patterns coming out from them. 

Containment is evident with each colored circle being contained inside another different colored one.

Continuity in the broken dotted line circles that appear sporadically.

Proximity with all of the similar shapes of different colors and sizes fitting together.

And Similarity in all of the same patterns but in different contrasting colors.  

Beyond all of those principles that catch my eye, the pallete choice of her art and this piece in particular pulls me in with its contrasting bright colored shapes to soft colored patterns in the background.  The circles and other shapes overlapping over the different colored blocks of pattern creates a certain abstract chaos which compliments itself by bringing your eye all around and the painting as a whole while focusing on those details.


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