Student Success Series

For my Success Series I had to register for one arts event separate from my major, one ALICE training classes and two student success classes including one academic and one I found personal to me.  

 My ALICE training is scheduled for October 28th at 9am.  Both of my academic and personal Student Success classes are scheduled for Novemeber 17th.  My academic one is ‘Basic Citations’ and is scheduled at 9 am.  I chose this class because I never really understood how to properly cite my sources nor have I had any practice for quite a while so it might be nice to brush up on those skills.  My personal class at 5pm that same day is ‘Tobacco’ and is about risks of smoking and different ways to help you quit if you are smoking.   While I do not smoke anymore personally, I used to smoke cigarettes daily years ago before quitting and also have a lot of friends that all smoke still.  So I chose this because I am interested in hearing what they have to say as well that there weren’t very many other classes that I found interest in that would be possible with my class schedule.  Lastly for my arts performance I chose to see the free Jazz Combos event at the Ludqwig Recital Hall at 8pm on November 22.  I chose this because I recently attended the Akron Jazz festival and enjoyed the sheer emotion to the music so I think this will be a fun event for me to see out of the ones listed.


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