5 x 5 Modules

  In 3D comp we designed and created five different modules with at least five of each in order to make a composition out of each design.  Starting from the left, I made rectangular tubes which I then glued together to make a sort of cage shape.  I like the depth of this design but I feel as though it was harder to get put together because of the hollow ends and shapes, so I would need to plan more on where pieces would connect in the long run. Next I made the triangular pyramid shapes out of smaller triangular pyramids which looked cool, but I think for a good effect it would need more of a precise pattern and a lot of pieces in order to give it a more explorative feel.  The box I made out of cubes did not exactly the turn out how I planned and I also had a lot of trouble with cutting the tabs precisely in order to align the way I had hoped for but I think if there were more all together to create a large piece, it could create a visually containing and dimensionally structured piece both two and three dimensionally.  Next for my honeycomb shape I just combined and fitted hexagons into each other which came out the best so far I think.  Adding more to the honeycomb and possibly adding them in different angles could create depth to make it less flat and more of an object.  Lastly and the most relaxing module to build was the pile of drops.  I enjoyed this one because it wasn’t as complex or difficult to make but the possibilities to add or connect all of these drops gives a lot freedom to make any kind of shape that I want with limitless motion.  I don’t know what I want to do for my main composition that I’ll build off of, but I know I either want to use my tear drop modules or the hexagon ones.


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