FYE Welcome Weekend Experience

Welcome Weekend is the first weekend before Fall classes start at Kent State and it is filled with a ton of activities that allows for new students to have fun and socialize with one another during this new transition for them.  This was my first time doing this as a freshman and it was a long but rewarding experience.  During the first day of welcome weekend, everyone who is moving to Kent and living in a dorm on campus, is moving in.  During this day I helped one of the friends I made at DKS move into her dorm which took a lot longer than anticipated but was cool.  Afterwards, we got lunch at Quaker Steak and explored around campus until I was offered a ride home so I could clean up from a sweaty day of work.  The next day on Friday, we each got to meet and hear from the faculty of each one of our colleges.  This was the first time that everyone new to the College of Arts would be all together in one room which was cool.  We all got these green flags and were encouraged to out cheer the other colleges at the convocation ceremony that would follow.  After leaving the College of the Arts meeting, I headed to the MAC center with some new people I had met and gathered again with my specific college in the section for us in the bleachers.  At convocation, we got to listen to the dean’s welcome, other faculty greetings,  and as well as a wonderful speech by the author of our summer reading Wes Moore.  Which, although I wasn’t a huge fan of ‘The Work’ itself, Wes was a great speaker and came off very experienced, yet easy going and relatable to each of us.  Though it was a terrific speech, the time in there was long and enough to make you sore of sitting.  Once this ended, everyone in the big room walked and lined up for a free lunch at the student center ballroom which was pretty enjoyable.  I got a turkey sandwich and chips I saved til later which was enjoyable.  After lunch, we met with our FYE classes and instructor to get an idea of what the class would be like tomorrow as well as talk about our summer reading and other events happening this weekend.  Sooner after this ended we all dispersed and I dropped home momentarily and hung out until I met some friends for the dive-in movie.  The rec center itself was super cool to check out and the pool was  cool setting to get to meet people in although it was super crowded and muggy feeling.  After a while of hanging there, I ended up leaving and meeting up with friends again to go check out the late night party kind of event at the library and get pizza there.  After getting there,  I devoured some pizza, lost a game of corn hole and met a couple new people while hanging around while everybody was boogying.  Once I was out of the library I watched some guy try to ollie off and over the water fountain for a while before heading back to my place and sleeping the whole next day away.  The next two days were spent just checking out my class locations as well as getting supplies and materials that I’d need for the following week.  Since blastoff was cancelled on Sunday, I ended up spending the day tying up odds and ends getting ready for classes and just relaxing at my new place.  All in all, despite blastoff being cancelled and having a very long Friday.  I thought welcome weekend was a fun time and also rewarding so long as you put yourself in the position to meet new people and enjoy yourself instead of acting as nervous as you might be.


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