3D Composition Sculpture

During our 3D comp class last week, we were instructed as groups to come up with our own original design and build it using 100 paint sticks and hot glue.  In my group, Kate Andy and I decided we would make a spiral like design by attaching 10 sticks to eachother to make a fan like shape.  We then repeated this nine times total for nine total fan shapes.  After this we added two paint sticks together to make a thicker upright one which we would then attach one to each fan in order to make a staircase like pattern.  After this we spent time carefully glueing each piece together to make the design that we did.  One thing we didn’t consider very much is that there would be no support in the middle or underneath each set of “stairs”.  This caused our end product to be somewhat unstable and weak structurally.  Overall our design was a success but planning on support to hold it together better might allow for more stability in future projects.  image.jpeg


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