Who Are These People?

During my first FYE class, I had the opportunity to get to meet some of my new classmates and ask them any questions I could think of in order to get to know them better.  Though the information we all shared with one another was random enough for a weird but fun interview of sorts, it helped us connect and laugh about things while I got to meet Will and Brianna.

One of the first people I had met at Kent, as well as interviewed was Will or (Sir William) as he introduced himself to the class.  Will is an eighteen year old freshman who is majoring in Studio Arts with interest in drawing.  He is the fifth William in his family coming from Rum, Ohio; though he wishes to visit Japan.  While he loves drawings, playing guitar, and anything blue raspberry flavored, he hates the idea of math.

Also not a fan of math, was my other groupmate who’s name was Brianna.  Brianna had started in the College of Arts majoring in Art History but expressed that she is hoping to switch and study studio arts instead.  Also eighteen but from Hudson, Ohio, I learned that Brianna hopes to one day visit Thailand, but until then enjoys getting to just hang out, listen to music and eat good food. (Who’s complaining there.)  I also learned that while we have similar interests, we also both own a reptile and have a love for mangoes.  While these were only just a couple people that I got the chance of getting to know during this assignement, I hope to become closer friends with all of the peers I’ll have the opportunity of meeting this year.


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