3D Composition

Starting 3D composition class this year is definitely a fun opportunity for me.  One of the main reasons I applied and wanted to learn at Kent State University is that they had Crafting as a major (now Studio Arts).  Within that itself, Kent also has classes focusing on Glass which I am unbelievably excited for.  I looked at Kent for a while intending to apply for some sort of Art degree, but ended up taking a couple years off to work and make money instead.  While working, I found a new hobby in Flameworking classes that I took for 14 weeks at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  After experimenting with the that I had a brief introductory class to Hot Glass and just fell in love with the process and things you can learn an experiment with.  I loved the hands on feel of it.  So when I was looking for school to apply too, I decided I wanted to learn more about glass and other different crafting materials and what you can do with all of them.  Kent was already an option to me,but ended up being one of the only universities within relatively close distance to my home that has a program for glass.  So while I can say that I’m anxious to learn everything I can within Studio Arts, I’m the most excited to learn about glass, jewelry and the other crafting areas of study.  Beyond my excitement, I wouldn’t say that I am dreading anything specifically about the class.  I am perhaps curious to say the least as to how I’ll do learning textiles just because I have never had any experience with that before and don’t know very much about it whatsoever.  Other than that though, I’d like to think that I am ready to work hard in order to learn some fun, new things this year and how to create cool things with them.


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