Postcard revisited

For my postcard, I sadly did not get a SINGLE one back from anyone which is always cool…  So my design wasn’t altered at all.  Special thanks to everyone that didn’t help.


Hybrid Project

For my hybrid project, I created a photoshop imagine including myself, a map and outer space.  With this, I cut and pasted it onto a piece of cardboard and added a cloud made of cotton and battery powered led lights.  I also used hot glue to make rain which hung over a pen drawing of Pittsburgh I made.  I wanted this project to portray my homesickness as well as my cure for it in wonder and exploration of newer places.    

Human Movement Video

For my human movement video I wanted to show a someone in a state of sickness and euphoria both associated from different things.  From the darkness of my house to the brightness of outdoors, I wanted to create a shifting tone throughout the little video with focus on the composition of shots.  I don’t think I did to far from my original idea.  It was obviously edited and shortened and so forth but I feel it came out pretty good considering my experience and the amount of time we had to complete it.


5×5 video- Orignal and Edited Revision

For my 5×5 video we were instructed to depict an emotion within five 5 second videos that cut right to the other without any editing besides shortening our videos to time.  I tried to show the feeling and atmosphere of just waking up in the morning.  While specifically this isn’t an emotion, I felt the mix of grogginess and relaxation of just waking up and starting your day with coffee demonstrates a mood in itself.




Propaganda project proposition

For my propaganda poster for digital media, I am going to create a poster encouraging people to “keep fucking smiling” in response to the social pressure of having to be alright in public.  This poster will have a slightly light and childish feel with soft colors and smiling faces but with harsh lettering to emphasize the point that isn’t so light.  I will post the completed results once finished. 

Identity Project

For my identity project I had a hard time thinking of how to identify myself.  I love nature and the world around me in a general sense and I’d love to see as much as I possibly can while I’m around…  because I have a huge appreciation for the earth and our place in it, I tried to identify myself as just another human rather than anything very specific.

I had trouble with my first attempt with the illustrator program shutting down, so this was kind of spontaneous in playing around with the program and some ideas. All four pieces connect to one larger image in which the eye is apart of the whole world and connects into it.   Jackson_Identity1Jackson_Identity2Jackson_Identity3Jackson_Identity